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Google is willing to pay $200,000 who ever finds a bug in the Android

Google has declared an abundance of up to $200,000 for finding a bug in Android OS that has allegedly influenced a great many Android telephones.

The hunt goliath began the bug abundance program for Android working framework a few years prior in the expectation of discovering specialists, tech specialists and architects who can think of an endeavor that will understand the threat for the last time. The abundance worth $30,000-$50,000 was prior declared yet nobody has found a working adventure for Android’s center parts, said a report cited by IANS.

The renditions of Android being discharged now are more secure than what Google was putting out years back and accordingly nobody has figured out how to claim Google’s biggest bug bounties for Android.

Planning to pull in more analysts and designers to the bug abundance program, the organization has expanded the prizes to up to $200,000.

Google began the bug abundance program for Android around two years back in which the security scientists, who can discover a defect, get a money prize — the measure of which fluctuates in light of the seriousness of the hack.

At that point, Google gets the opportunity to settle the bug and keep away from future security issues. Still, nobody has presented a working adventure for Android’s center parts, notwithstanding when such an endeavor is worth $30,000—$50,000, the report said.

Google’s new security contest for Android, Project Zero, will see lucky entrants awarded up to $200,000 for disclosing bugs in the company’s mobile OS. It launched Wednesday.

In this way, Google expanded the bug abundance to $200,000 days after reports surfaced that a malware called “Judy” has hit more than 36.5 million Android telephones, making the gadgets powerless against illicit get to. The malware was purportedly made by Korean organization Kiniwini, which is authoritatively enrolled as the ENISTUDIO corp on Google Play store.

As indicated by web security firm Check Point, the auto-clicking adware Judy was found on 41 applications and it utilizes contaminated gadgets to produce a lot of deceitful taps on promotions, creating incomes for the culprits behind it. The vindictive applications were downloaded between 4.5 million and 18.5 million.


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