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Hyderabad: 2.5-year-old boy falls into water sump in play school, dies

A two-and-a-half-year-old boy died after falling into an open water sump in a play school ‘Bachpan play school’  in Malkajgiri Sivapuri area.

No one knew of the unfortunate incident until the toddler’s mother Vishala went to school to pick him up from school.

“When I asked for my son, the school staff said he had not come to school. Me, my husband and his friends looked for him in the school campus and found him floating inside the water sump,” Vishala said.

Police said the tragic incident took place due to carelessness of the school staff. A case of death due to the carelessness of the school staff has been filed against the school.

This morning, like every day, Shiva’s father Anil dropped him at the school gate and left only after he had entered the building.

At about 11.25 am, Vishala went to pick him up. The school said he had not come on that day. Vishala called Anil who came with few of his friends but were not allowed to enter the school building.

After a scuffle with the school authorities, they all entered the school and began looking for the minor. They saw Shiva’s school bag in the classroom and showed it to the staff who had insisted Shiva had not come that day.

“That is when they permitted us to look for our son in the premises and someone checked the sump and saw my son drowned in the sump full of water. Till my husband’s friend reached school, the staff did not permit me even to talk and spoke harshly with me.

It was learnt that the water tank is usually kept closed, but when water releases it is kept open.

They are scanning the CCTV cameras installed in the school premises. “On the basis of the proof, we will take action against school authorities,” police official Janaki Reddy said.


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